Bulk Hiring

There are multiple reasons for an organization to need a high volume, employee intake. A new branch opening? A new project?
How do you ensure you are meeting your timelines while making sure not to compromise on quality?
That’s where we come in.
At 360, we offer customized consultations to our clients where we create a design template of your desired candidates. We make sure to create a visceral sketch of the ideal hire, before beginning our filtering process.
While you are a part of the decision making process at every significant step, we free up as much of your bandwidth as possible, by pre-screening, and then consolidating every possibility.
We remove the guesswork from your hiring flowchart, by making sure your choices are only those of the highest quality, with verifiable qualifications,


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Whether you’re in the market to recruit top talent or looking for support within a specific area of HR, 360 HR Partners can provide a flexible and customised solution to meet your needs.